среда, 12 марта 2014 г.

Fishki with FiReader

I would like to present my application FiReader - an alternative client for the site "Fishki.net". New client offers fast performance and modern UI.

FiReader loads a list of posts from the site fishki.net and displays them in a convenient way. By clicking on the desired post, you can view the full version with all the pictures, videos and GIFs.

The application stores downloaded posts and images in the cache, which speeds up re-opening and economize data. FiReader keeps information about viewed posts, allowing a quick look to find new ones.

I note that the application is free, but there are ads displayed when viewing posts. Yes, you can disable it for $0.99 :)

So, I really happy to present, Fishki with FiReader

Get it on Google Play

Good Cheers and funny "fishki"!

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